Our services are wide and varied. At ASAP, we endeavour to meet all your security needs, from a replacement car key to business security to home alarms. Contact us for more information.

  • Car Key Replacement

    Dont get caught with only one car key.
    Most cars today have a microchip in the head of the key that is programmed to the cars computer system. In order to get replacement car keys you would normally have to purchase a blank key from the car dealer, take it to a locksmith to be duplicated, then back to the dealer with your car to have it programmed, each stage costing you money and time.
    Now we can do this process in one easy step.
    We can duplicate and program your car key, even a transponder car key, for a lower cost than the dealers. Contact ASAP for a quote on onsite car key replacement Melbourne wide.

  • Restricted Keys

    Are you running a business or club with staff or member turn over?
    Are they returning their keys or getting duplicates without your knowledge?

    Did you know you could have a restricted key system on your existing locks?
    We can supply a restricted barrel for the majority of locks on the market and issue keys that are registered to you, where nobody can obtain duplicate keys without your written permission, for a much smaller cost than having to have your locks changed every time someone leaves.

  • Safes

    Do you have irreplaceable items in your home that require safe-keeping? Passports, jewelry, or even family heirlooms. Quality safes have an insurance rating for your valuables. Small fire rated and non fire rated safes have bolt down facilities, so there is no chance of being hauled away, and can easily be concealed in cupboards or under stairwells, out of sight.

  • Leading Technology on Restricted Key Systems

    EVVA is the latest technology in registered keys.
    A high security anti theft system to suit the majority of locks on the market today is now proudly available through ASAP Locksmiths Melbourne. Call or email our friendly staff for a free quote and security assessment.

  • Safe Opening and Repairs

    We have expert staff in this specialized field, prepared to come and open your safe should you loose your keys or forget the combination. This operation is discrete and efficient, generally no cutting and repairing of the safe is necessary.

  • Alarm Systems

    Our staff are trained alarm system installers.
    We can supply both wireless and wired alarm systems, and carry out efficient expert home alarm installation.
    We will assist you in choosing a system which suits your needs, and are happy to provide a free quote on home alarm installation anywhere in Melbourne.

  • Changing your locks

    Have you moved to a new premises recently?
    Do you know who else might have keys?
    Don’t risk it, have your locks changed.

    Did you know that a locksmith could come to your home or office and change your existing locks onto a new key for a fraction of the cost of replacing the locks?

We provide our services in these suburbs of Melbourne